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goin for work

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goin for work

Ode to my son

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You came into this world just a year ago,

With a full life ahead to undergo.


Many parents have undergone this stage,

 But never knew a son’s presence could be so wonderful. We are amazed!


You taught us already so many new things in a year,

With God by your side, you have nothing to fear.


You unlocked strengths we thought we didn’t have,

Everyday as you wake up beside us, joy is what you gave.


You are an angle sent from above,

So innocent and lovable, you are our love.


We are so thankful to God for blessing us with you,

To Him, as a family, we pray to always remain true.


Everyday you surprise us with something new,

As we lay down to sleep, we know we are the lucky few.


You haven’t spoken in words to us,

Yet, we understand everything; how marvelous this relationship between us.


Now we know how God communicates with the birds and animals in nature,

Never knowing that God has been teaching us through you, to silently see into the future.


How wonderful is a child’s mind!




colors of complain

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Colors of complain


My head hurts and eyes are bloodshot red

Sick of all this turgid burps

Endless noises all around always

Finding peace of mind, no way.


I spend a lot of my time in this dim

Spent a lot of my time in this bin

Will I spend another year without a win?


Sin, slippery scales of wet fins

Swallow whole with their scales

Plunge into the sea to rinse

Snatch away all these black veils and rest.

Cover me in pink powder snow

From within, let me glow.


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its a boiled vegetable, bittersweet.