Posted: February 25, 2020 in delhi noise, Uncategorized

In the midst of this blistering urban jungle;

Squirrels and monkeys that are almost human.

Dogs that like to munch on ripe tomatoes

I sat!………………. I sat!

In the distance, noises of the city;

The noises are many, from A to Z.

Sunlight through the window panes;

Never quite directly, but all the same.

In the distance, the tree swayed;

Sway they did, but without a sound.

From every corner, little sounds;

Loud, but yet, never quite penetrating.

Footsteps in the distance,

A moment here, a moment there.

An eagle circling high above,

Never did see it once catch a mouse.

Are the noises we make silent or loud?

Does it matter? As long as it’s ours?

As you read this, your thoughts probably are,

Herein is a man, who has completely lost it!

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