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Twelve more days and you will be married to the one

I am so happy for you that is why I wrote this poem

Thought of sending you gifts, maybe a blank cheque

But I wont! Hope you don’t mind….. just this one.



Seriously, I write these lines to reveal

As a friend would write to another friend.

When many times we forget to say thank you,

Even when we wanted to. I am talking about that meal.


That chicken cooked in a pressure cooker

When I first shifted to that house as a tenant.

You understood me, and understood my hunger

For that food, I will be thankful forever.


I have learnt many things from you

But to list them down would be too long.

How to be humble, simple, silent and honest

Are virtues we read about, but which I found in you.


So on that most important day in your life

After you have dried your tears J

My wife and I wish you a very happy married life

And hope many will also be fed chicken through the years.